April 13, 2024

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Facts About Iphone Battery You Should Be Aware Of

Facts About Iphone Battery You Should Be Aware Of

The battery of apple devices has always been a drawback in the big name. The major setback of these devices is that the battery gets worse over time. The users have accepted it as a part of their lives.

Turning down brightness is said to be an easy fix for increasing one’s battery life. Extremely high screen brightness is the single biggest battery killer.  Research had found out that when an Iphone is kept on full brightness, it lasted 6 hours and 21 minutes, whereas when the same phone is kept on half brightness, it lasted for 9 hours and 48 minutes.

However, certain facts about the iphone battery that helps you know your device better and make the most efficient use of it.

  • Battery life is different from the battery lifespan – When apple mentions the battery life, it is saying about the period for which a device can function without having to charge it again. While the battery’s lifespan is the number (of years) for which the battery is supposed to function under normal circumstances. An iPhone generally has a battery life of 10 to 11 hours (and not on the screen hours) after being charged to 100%.
  • The batteries are a lithium-ion model (stage two) –lithium-ion batteries are the most efficient battery available in the market today. Though the iPhone uses the good quality of batteries, it is because of the great on and off the screen functions and the good kind screen quality that makes the battery drain faster.
  • Batteries age with every charge cycle – The reason for the battery getting worse over time is the tendency of lithium-ion batteries to age every time the user connects it to the charger. Eventually, with heavy usage, the chemical composition of the battery is destroyed.
  • Battery impedance causes ageing – So if you’re wondering why the batteries get worse over the years, it is because the resistance gets collected over the part that supplies the electric charge to the mobile device. Also, there are certain vital chemicals other than resistance.

The battery of the iPhone has been quite a problem for most of the users; it drains just so fast that you often might have to charge it twice a day under heavy usage. A few updates in the iOS make the background apps function so much that the battery drains even with little on-screen use. Nothing can improve the battery life unexpectedly, but you can certainlyadapt certain habits to make your battery life more efficient.